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All About Hot & Cold Water Dispensers

These machines regardless of the model produce safe drinking water at hot and cold temperatures. Some models produce ambient water.

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Can I have my home/office checked for installation layout before purchasing?

Yes. We can do an ocular and even bring the desired unit upon request for better visualization of the overall look of your kitchen or pantry. This is however subject to distance restrictions.

Who will install the machine?

Our machines are DIY (Do-It-Yourself), and easy to install. All components and adaptors for tapping to the water line are inside the package. Should you wish to install it yourself, our technical team can walk you through and guide you step by step via a video call.

For Metro Manila and nearby provinces, our competent technical team can deliver and install the machine for a minimal charge.

The duration of the installation process depends on the location where the machine is to be placed, the layout of the water line, and the distance of the machine from the water source. Less complicated installation can last only for 1 hour, or up to 6 hours for complicated ones.

Please take into consideration that the machine must be installed near an electric outlet.

Does the unit have to be placed near the sink?

Not necessarily. You can place the machine wherever you want it to be placed for your convenience, and for aesthetics purposes. However, it has to be near the water line for at most 10 meters away. Please take into consideration that the connecting white hose must be concealed for aesthetics purposes. 

For counter top or near the sink installation, drilling an 8mm hole passing through the side of the counter could be an option to connect to the angle valve under the sink. Please take note that there should always be constant supply of water to the machine for continuous dispensing. Shutting off the gate valve is only done during maintenance, repair, or emergency due to leakage.

How soon can you deliver and install?

For Metro Manila and nearby provinces, our technical team can deliver and install within 72 hours. 

For distant provinces, the delivery of your machine will depend on the schedule of a third party cargo forwarder. Our Customer Care Department tracks and monitors your machine until you receive it.

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