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Satisfied Customers

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Melissa Ricks 01.

Simple joys! One thing I learned about this pandemic is to invest in the right things! MORE

Real Asian Beauty vlog talks about PRESTIGE 3000

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Sofia Pic

@xyn.faxyn the best one for me.

Sachzna talks about XYN LUXE 1680

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Belle Collins v2

Thanks to my XYN water dispenser, my life is so much easier!.... MORE

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Jennifer Chiu

After trying your smart water dispenser for the past 2 weeks. I love the fact that the cold water comes out very cold and the hot water comes out really hot.... MORE

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Jolina Magdangal

As Momshie @mariajolina_ig says, water is important for your everyday life. Check her out with her own

XYN machine!

Kryzzzie talks about XYN LUXE 2010

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...As they say “Health is Wealth” that’s why we avail this product to be sure to pass through the 7 stages of filtration with UV filtration.... MORE

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Teresita Lowe v2

After two weeks of trial of your XYN smart lifestyle water dispenser, we are really satisfied and happy... MORE

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Andi E

We just got the @xyn.faxyn eWater system installed in our home! I'm so happy with this because it really fits our needs and solves a couple of problems for us! MORE

Anna Cay Villalobos talks about XYN LUXE Compact 1680

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Marla Mariano

I’ve been using water filtration systems in my home for more than ten years now. I have used a few brands and recently browsed the market for an upgrade... MORE

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Makasait Testimonial

FAXYN is definitely a wise spend for our family.  We have crossed out the errands of contacting the water delivery guy... MORE

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Kylie Padilla

... it’s crucial to be sure that the water that we consume is clean and filled with the minerals... MORE

Angel Dei Peralta talks about XYN LUXE Compact 2010

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This machine, I call him Blue is such a big help in my everyday life and for someone like me who lives alone and who has to do... MORE

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Leno Lantajo

The purchase of XYN Hot and Cold Ultrafiltration with UV water dispenser by our family was timely. A month after the installation I was tested positive for COVID-19... MORE

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Chynna Ortaliza

Sharing is Caring! So I recently upgraded & found a water filter that checks everything... MORE

Mommy Haidee talks about XYN PRESTIGE 3000

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Liza Bautista

I'm happy with my purchase of the XYN prestige model water dispenser. It sits neatly on my kitchen counter top... MORE

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I’ve been looking for a water dispenser with filtration system/UV technology that can be directly connected to our water source and provide hot and cold water.... MORE

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Jun Sunga Vanessa Matsunaga

We take our water here at home seriously. Will be posting soon about this fancy high-tech-looking instant hot and cold drinking water... MORE

Vin & Sophie talk about XYN LUXE 1680

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GC Marcos v1.1

Who knew water could taste this good? We sure didn't. We were so used to drinking mineral/purified/distilled water.... MORE

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viudez 01

I’ve been eyeing this product from @xyn.faxyn ever since they launched and now we brought the exprerience right into our own home.... MORE

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Vina Morales

Vina Morales

Happy to share to all of you my new water dispenser. My XYN Premium 2300 Hot & Cold Ultra Filtration with UV from @xyn.faxyn.

Mike & Nelly talk about XYN LUXE 2010

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Rick Estrellado Testimony

One of my best investment so far. I am really happy with this product. It is convenient to our family most specially it is safe and healthy.... MORE

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Faye De Guzman

This pandemic has taught all of us to be more proactive on how we can budget our monthly bills, weekly groceries and daily supplies.... MORE

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Regine V

This is my new friend #XYN ♻️ Bottle-free. It is directly connected to your tap water line. No need for plastic water bottles that occupy so much space and it is very eco-friendly!... MORE

Aiko Melendez talks about XYN ULTRA 2200



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