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Filter Replacement Guide


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The filters need to be replaced regularly to maintain the quality of drinking water output.

PRESTIGE 3000 features Filter Replacement Indicator. When the filter replacement cycle has reached its end, the 1st or 2nd replacement indicator blinks to notify that the filter must be replaced. The filter should be replaced when the indicator blinks or the cycle reached, whichever comes first.

filter CYCLE
WH0120-3000 change filter

1. Close the water supply valve.

2. Remove the pressure and remaining water in the filter and pipe by taking out ambient water.
    *A lot of water could spill out unless the pressure is removed.

3. Disconnect the power cord.

4. Open the filter chamber:

3000 draw 01

5. Remove the discarded filter and replace with a new one:

6. Close the filter chamber:

7. Open the water supply valve and connect power cord. And flush the water more than 10ℓ in the ambient water mode to clean the filters.

3000 draw 02

During initial installation or replacement of filters, use the dispensed water only after flushing of at least 10ℓ or until the black carbon residue or bubbles disappear.

How to reset the filter replacement cycle:
Filter Reset Mode
1. Press the FILTER RESET button for 3 seconds to enter the Filter Reset Mode on.

2. HOT, COLD and FILTER RESET buttons blink twice with ring sounds.

3. When pressing an either the HOT or COLD button to reset the filter replacement cycle, one of the intended filters in the table below will reset:

filter table

4. The applicable 1st or 2nd replacement indicator blinks and rings three times when the setting is completed.

5. Press again the FILTER RESET button for 3 seconds to turn off Filter Reset Mode.



  • Replace the filters regularly bases on recommended filter replacement cycle.

  • The quality of water output could be affected if filters are not replaced regularly.

  • The filter replacement cycle may vary depending on various factors such quality of water, consumption of filtered water, and water pressure.

  • Even if water consumption is minimum, following regular filter replacement cycle is recommended.

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