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Filter Replacement Guide

eWATER 5000N

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The filters need to be replaced regularly to maintain the quality of drinking water output.

eWATER 5000N features Filter Replacement Indicator. 
Before replacing a filter, unplug and close the water supply valve first for safety.

3000 draw 02
eWater filter CYCLE
eWater fil rep indicator v1.1

Filter Replacement Indicator

1. Open the front door cover.

2. Press the top part of the filter and pull it out.
    * Filter 1 and Filter 2 will be pulled out in the same way.
     * Remove the filter that needs to be replaced only.

3. Insert a new filter into the base hole and press it to fit in the opposite hole. Push the upper part until it snaps into the hole. 
   * Filter 1 and Filter 2, will be mounted in the same way.

4. Close the front door.

During initial installation or replacement of filters, use the eWATER only after flushing of at least 10 minutes or until the black carbon residue or bubbles disappear.



  • Replace the filters regularly bases on recommended filter replacement cycle.

  • The quality of water output could be affected if filters are not replaced regularly.

  • The filter replacement cycle may vary depending on various factors such quality of water, consumption of filtered water, and water pressure.

  • Even if water consumption is minimum, following regular filter replacement cycle is recommended.

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