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Water Dispenser

This unit produces safe drinking water at room temperature without any electricity.

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Can I have my home/ office checked before purchasing?

Yes, we can do an ocular and bring the unit as well for better visualization of the overall look of your kitchen and for special requests.

Can it be “DIY” installation or do I have to avail of your installation service?

For areas in Central Luzon we can offer our installation services for seamless installation.

For far provincial areas, you can hire a technician or plumber or it can be done by yourself with the help of our customer care representative for easy installation.

Does the unit have to be placed near the sink?

Preferably near the water source however it can also be installed up to 10 meters away from the water source.

Is drilling a hole on my sink required?

For a seamless installation, better to have it drilled a 10mm hole which will not break your kitchen tops.

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