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This machine produces safe drinking water at room temperature. It does not produce hot and cold water.

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When and how do I change the filters?

The eWater machine has 2 filter cartridges numbered 1 and 2. These 2 filters have a total of 10 filtration media that give you the taste of purest water. Each filter cartridge has replacement indicator in the front panel door of the machine. The indicator prompts when it is time to change filter. For Filter 1, the the indicator prompts after 2,000-Liter dispense. For Filter 2, the indicator prompts after 4,000-Liter dispense.

The eWater machine features a configuration that makes filter replacement easy. Just open the front panel door of the eWater machine and the filter can be replaced in no time. As a safety precaution, please ensure that the machine is unplugged from the electrical outlet, and the water gate valve is shut off when changing filters.

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