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This machine produces safe drinking water at room temperature. It does not produce hot and cold water.

Technical Support/Maintenance   >

Who do I call for service and maintenance?

For technical support, please click HERE.

Does it need to be plugged continuously to an electrical outlet?

While other competitor machine of the same category still uses the conventional transformer type of power supply that overheats and should only be plugged when in use, our eWater machine is equipped with the modern Switch-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) which prevents overheating and can be safely left plugged all the time. However, unplugging the unit when not in use is also an option.


Your purchase of the eWater machine comes with a set of pre-filter and Ultra Violet lamp as a separate unit. This set serves to extend the lifespan of the 2 internal filters of the eWater machine. The Ultra Violet lamp serves as germicidal that kills disease-causing pathogens. THIS UV LAMP SET MUST ONLY BE PLUGGED WHEN DISPENSING WATER.

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